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Dublin 12 Domestic Violence Service is a voluntary community organisation established as community response to domestic violence. It is a community based initiative which developed from identified local needs.

The need for a domestic violence service in the Dublin 12 area was first identified by women from the local area who raised concern about the issue and highlighted the lack of a local support service at consultative meetings of a local women's forum.

A core group of local community activists came together to explore how a local community project working on the issue of domestic violence could be established. Initial relationships were built with Women's Aid, the Family Resource Centre in St. Michaels Estate, Inchicore and the Inchicore Outreach Centre. These organisations held considerable expertise on the issue and offered advice, support and guidance to the Dublin 12 working group in their initial discussions and plans.

Dublin 12 Domestic Violence Service Management Committee was officially formed in early 2001. The management committee consisted of local community activists and a number of statutory and voluntary agencies who were working on the issue of Domestic Violence within the Dublin 12 area.

Its initial responsibilities included identifying resources for the project, recruiting staff and volunteers and project planning and management. A limited company was set up and registered as a charity. The project developed relationships with members of local community and voluntary organisations and state agencies. The helpline was established in August 2001 and Service was officially launched in November 2002.

As D12 DVS is a voluntary community organisation the service depends heavily on community grants and donations. We receive our core funding from Tusla Child and Family Agency. Funding is also received from the Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime, Cosc and other community grants when available.